ZEN 39/40S

With a hull that is pushing limits and expectations beyond ordinary, enjoy a driving experience that stands out.
ZEN 39/40S has been created to meet the functional requirements of a multipurpose offshore powerboat vessel or can be envisaged as the perfect chase tender to Super Yachts. Its aggressive Deep V Stepped Hull, ensures wave flattening and elimination of water spray! The vessel offers agile and precise manoeuvrability and offers superior driving pleasure!

But beyond all. It is an adrenaline machine for passionate sea wanderers!

Its Top Rated Length-Beam ratio in combination with its extreme deep V stepped hull guarantees that!
zen 39s
Tested by the man who explored
the end of our World (e-ribbing.com)!
“ …Having the control of a very well weight-balanced and perfectly straight riding war machine, I couldn't resist and re-nailed the throttles. This time I wanted to understandthe behavior of ZEN’s 39S hull as I maneuvered at high speeds left and right. At no point did I notice the hull lose its water and so it is not sliding or taking on dangerous inclinations.The Rib faithfully and immediately followed the helmsman's orders, showing exceptional directional control.

It was an adrenaline’s rush that none of us wanted to interrupt. Clearly captivated by the wonderful driving sensation left by ZEN 39S….”

Read more at: e-ribbing.com
Powerful presence and unmatched performance wrapped with Bold design
zen 39s
ΖΕΝ 39/40S: A g i l i t y --- P e r f o r m a n c e --- C o n t r o l
Feel the Adrenaline
zen 39s


• Hull Type: Deep V Stepped
• Deadrise at Transom: 26
• Dry Weight: 3.200kg
• Length: 12.00m
• Beam: 3.27m
• Tubes diam.: 65/35 cm
• Fuel Capacity: 555/730 lt

• CE Certification: B – OFFSHORE (*) THE VESSEL EXCEEDSMAX LEVEL CERTIFICATION: 50 KTS speed at4m Wave Height
• Deadrise at Bow: 62
• MAX POWER: 2x450 hp
• Hull Material: Vinyl ester
• Water Tank: 200 lt
• Air Chambers (material): 8 (ORCA H/N 1670 dtex)
• Waste Tank: 35 lt

(*) B: Offshore: includes boats operating offshore with winds to 40 knots and significant seas to 13 feet.
(*)C Inshore: is for boats operating in coastal waters and large bays and lakes with winds to Force 6, up to 27 knots, and significant seas 7 feet high.

Test Results

"The bow was standing firmly up and penetrated waves, than plowing through them, effortlessly with absolutely no nailing tendency, while the hull was bridging the waves and its very deep V ensuring a very smooth ride with absence of spray on the deck.”
Source: Boattest.com